The funeral company Plantak has a reception office, exhibition space and two vehicles for the transportation of the deceased. We are doing funeral services,
selling funeral equipment, and transporting the dead at home and abroad.
We are at your disposal 24 hours a day - every day, including holidays.
Contact us without hesitation if you have any questions about our business.

Work that we do is done correctly and honestly, and with a lot of respect towards the deceased and their families,

making us recognizable in Varaždin and in the wider region.


Organization and arranging funerals

Complete organization and arranging funerals, cremation or burial (home and abroad)

Obtaining complete documentation

Obtaining complete documentation required for the transportation of the deceased (both at home and abroad)

Retrieving deceased

Retrieving deceased from all locations (home, hospital, home for the elderly, accident site)


Music (Flute Orchestra 'Limena Musica', vocal ensemble 'Choir', solo trumpet)

A great variety of flowers

Great variety of flowers, delivery to the graveyard included (coffin arrangements, wreaths, tombstones)

Transportation of the deceased

Transportation of the deceased vehicles intended for this purpose, at the best prices (domestic and foreign)


Advertising (ads in national, local and daily press, death notifications, last greetings, memories and thanks)

Arranging the deceased

Arranging the deceased (dressing, shaving, body care, makeup)

Sale of funeral equipment

Coffins, urns and all other accessories

Closing metal caskets

The deceased is put in a coffin lining that is sealed

Making obituary

Creating an Obituary (with or without a photo)

Diamond burial

Diamond burial

Phone: 042/240-630
Zagrebačka 115a