• Death Abroad +

    A person who wants to transfer in order to bury the body of a deceased person (or his exhumed remains) from a foreign country where it is located in Croatia, applying the Croatian diplomatic mission / consular office abroad.

    In addition to the placement form of a relatives who are deceased or the company PPP Plantak fills in a diplomatic mission or consular post, the request must be accompanied by the following:

    • excerpt from the deceased in the international form (according to the rules of the Vienna Convention)
    • medical death certificate specifying the cause of death (that is not a communicable disease)
    • proof of the deceased's citizenship
    • passport of a deceased person, which officer in the diplomatic mission or consular office must be canceled (if Croatian citizens possess a passport)
    • approval for the transfer of the deceased person from the state in which death occurs of the person who passed away
    • data on the carrier (burial company): driver's personal data, passport number, vehicle registration number; if the body of a deceased person is to be accompanied by a person who is a deceased person, his data is also required: if the body is to be dispatched to an aircraft, data on the number of flights, the airline and the air terminal, or the means of transport the transportation of the deceased person's body will continue with border crossing data and who will take over the body.
  • Death in a car accident +

    With the death in a car accident, get emergency help, finds death, and police issued a letter of transmittal and the body transported to the Forensic Medicine and Criminology for autopsy.

    Family / relatives of the same or the next day takes over the deceased, and it is necessary to contact a funeral Plantak services on 042 / 240-630 or 098 / 267-349 to deal with the death of a dead person and the organization of funeral.

    Occasionally, when it comes to a traffic accident with a deadly effect, an autopsy must be performed, which is delayed for at least one day until the end of the treatment.

  • Death in the home for the elderly and disabled +

    The closest family member will be notified of the fatality and thereafter may contact the funeral services Plantak on phone number 042 / 240-630 or 098 / 267-349 to agree on taking over the deceased and the organization of the last departures.
    It is customary that when receiving the residents are taken data on membership in associations, grave site and the person who takes over the funeral expenses.

  • Hospital deaths +

    After informing the hospital, the same will issue the necessary documentation for the funeral, accordingly it is necessary to contact the funeral services Plantak on the phone number 042 / 240-630 or 098 / 267-349 for taking and delivering clothing to the pathology department or to the morgue where the deceased will be

  • Death in the house or apartment +

    Call Emergency Care number 194 and usually for some time comes a medical team or a coroner who will look for an insight into the history of illness and medical records of the deceased and issue permission to bury and transport the deceased.
    While attending a coroner waiting, contact Plantak's funeral services at 042 / 240-630 or 098 / 267-349 to arrange for the death of the deceased person and the organization of the last fever.
    If the death occurred in unusual circumstances, leave the body and the space you have found for eventual police observation.

If a foreign citizen is required to burial in Croatia, it is necessary to enclose a certificate (written proof) of the cemetery (or parish) where the place of burial / burial is indicated.

Transferring the urn with the ashes of deceased persons shall be carried out without dispatch, but require confirmation crematorium (to be submitted for review to police officers upon entry to Croatia).

For transportation (transit) of a deceased person over Croatian territory is not necessary to have documentation.

For consignment documentation, a consular tax of 27 € or 35 USD will be charged.

For all information please call us at 042 / 240-630 or mobile number 098 / 267-349

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